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What is without periods of rest will not endure. 

~ Ovid, Roman epic poet, 43 BC – AD 17


RAVIVÉE is dedicated to anti-aging research and development.  We believe in plant-derived dermaceuticals. Plants represent a vast reservoir of biologically interesting chemicals – The vast ecosystems of the planet represent an evolutionary science lab. We strongly support efforts to survey the world’s plant life (and animal life, for that matter) looking for potentially useful substances.

We live in a meritocracy. We want it all and we are never satisfied. We want success in our career so that we can drive the sports car we desire. We’re even happy to work overtime to achieve this. We want children, and the children need a lift to music lessons or football practice and want to be picked up from their parties on the weekend. The dog needs our attention, too, of course. In our free time, we try new sports and go hiking in the mountains or sailing every weekend.

Our life is determined by others and we pay a high price for it. Often we feel rushed, we always arrive late and we never seem to have enough time. We feel exhausted, but are so tense in the evenings that we can’t get to sleep and so we lie awake half the night. Then they start to appear, the stress symptoms that harry us more and more if we don’t do anything about them. We need our periods of rest, our own well-being strategy. Yoga, Qigong and autogenic training or even just a weekend at a spa hotel are our little oases that give us new strength and reduce accumulated stress.

The condition of our skin is also determined by others – by external factors. Its barrier layer is the stress boundary for dry o ce air, the sun’s rays, heat and cold. It pays a high price for this stress: it loses moisture, is attacked and its condition deteriorates signicantly and noticeably. In the end, it ages faster.

Our skin needs an anti-stress strategy, a haven for new well- being. Myrothamnus abellifolia is a small, resilient super plant from the desert-like environment of South Africa. Thanks to the unique well-being strategy it has developed for itself, it can also restore stressed skin and allow it to flourish anew.

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