Company History

The Seney Drug Company was founded in 1915 by Ralph Seney.

Drug Store 1930's_0001Ralph Seney was an early pioneer in pharmaceutical compounding.  When he graduated from Pharmacy school in 1910, Ralph moved to Wyoming and founded the Seney Drug Company in 1915.


His sons “The Seney Twins,” Frank & Fred Seney followed in their father’s footsteps and became pharmacists.  Their father Ralph Seney was killed in an auto accident in 1934 and Frank & Fred, now Pharmacists themselves, took over the family business.


Ralph Seney, II was born in 1934.  Young Ralph followed in both his grandfather’s and his father’s footsteps and went to Pharmacy School at the University of Wyoming. He graduated in 1958 and joined Frank & Fred.  Ralph continued to work in the pharmacy business until retirement in 2005.  Upon retirement Ralph’s son, Kevin Seney decided the business could not be sold out of the family.


After several years of sitting on the remaining Seney Drug Company assets, a merger with a new Biotech company was proposed by The Amir Group – Genoceutical FZ-LLC of Dubai Health Care City, UAE.  Kevin Seney was named “Interim CEO” during the 2016 merger and later as the 4th Generation CEO of the newly merged company, Genocept Bioscience Inc.

The combined new partnership with Genoceutical FZ-LLC of UAE and RAHN AG of Zürich Switzerland, created a world-class Dermaceutical Compounding team.

Under the Company retail brand, RAVIVÉE, a pharmaceutical-grade anti-aging skin care product line was launched in 2016, followed in 2017 with major wholesale partnerships.

A completely new line of RAVIVÉE products are currently under development.  In 2021 Genocept will introduce all new revised formulas of anti-aging skin care products which will include a new category “just for men” and will open our first RAVIVÉE Retail Store.

Chairman of the Board
Kevin Seney
BS Molecular Biology, MS, MBA

Kevin Seney served as the “Transitional CEO” during the 2016 merger of Genocept Bioscience Inc. and Seney Rexall Drug Inc. and later as CEO of the combined company:

Recently retired, Mr. Seney will continue on as the Chairman of the Board.


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